Spring Into Pastels

Spring is teasing us with its presence at the moment. The bitter grey days are filled with glimpses of hope that is sunshine. But this bipolar weather has inspired some truly beautiful colour palettes. Ease spring pastels into your home with big dollops of grey mirroring the typical British spring. Mixing your soft gentle pastels with a range of dark grey tones stops your home from becoming a cartoon ice cream shop and a stunning sophisticated, homely space. 
Soft pinks are by far my favourite pastel tone to be teamed with up with grey. They really bring out the best in each other. 
Simple grey backgrounds somehow mute the use of colours used in your home, making them blend gorgeous together. I love the use of pinks and copper together and a strong graphic textiles to bring it all together. 
This is how is it done! Take note! The simplicity of painting your storage in a variation of pastels is the simplest yet most effective way to introduce the colour to your home. 
If you don't want to be as permanent and painting your furniture then little touches from your crockery and ornaments will give your home the spring lift, and ease us (hopefully) into a bright and sunny spring. 

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Get The Look - Humble Workspace

How perfect is this sweet little workspace?! Often we ignore the places we spend the most time in...so we are trying to inspire you all to go the extra mile to make your workspace the most beautiful space in your home! Throw in a dash of texture, adorn with plenty of plants and don't forget about the little details. Here is our 'get the look' for this week...a shopping list so you can recreate this creative little nook in your own home. 

1. Hanging Display Bowl, Holly's House, £55.00, 


2. Marble and Wood hexagon chopping board, Holly's House, £45.00, 


3. Brass Cup, Holly's House, £24.00, 


4. Black metal side table with cork top, Holly's House, £95.00,


5. Sheep Skin Rug, Holly's House, £95.00,


6. Black and Walnut Desk, The Conran Shop, £2,460.00,


7. Slatted Dining Chairs, The Peanut Vendor, £345.00, 


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DIY Walls

Wall space is an incredibly underestimated tool in our homes, yet It is the space that will potentially make or break a room. They should be thought of as blank canvases...something you can creatively project your personality onto. Walls can be the most amazing space to throw down your best ideas, memories or favourite art. If you are reading this and look up and see a blank wall try to picture how heavenly it would be adorned with all things that make you smile. I just don't see how this can be ignored! 
Just because it is art or a gorgeous poster doesn't always mean it has to stand solitude in a dull frame. I give you full permission here to go mad! Here are some tips of wonderful ways to display your fave pieces in your home that will be sure to have you grinning from ear to ear. 
Use a mix match of frames. Just because it is all going in the same place does not mean it all has to match or be the same.  Different sizes, shapes, colours. If the frames are filled with beauty then it will look good no matter what. 
This ones for the minimal stylist inside of you. If you can not bare the thought of an array of frames with no true theme then try using minimal trouser hangers. They are a brilliant way to display your pieces and even gorgeous textiles that you have collected over the years. 
I love this idea. It really works and its so so easy. You can quickly mix around your display when a new addition is welcomed to the wall and you can display your favourite books along with your favourite posters and photos. LOVE it!
This is another simplistic take on the inspirational wall. The use of tape on each photo sets off the whole wall, making it look as though all the pictures really belong together. 
This idea looks a little more thrown together and rustic, but I like it! However nails galore directly into the wall is not ideal. But, if you pick up a large cork board on the cheap, paint it a gorgeous background colour and hang on your wall, and hey presto, you have an instant ideas wall that you can cover in all things gorgeous and inspiring. 
If you like what you've seen and cant decide which idea to go for, then follow suit of this organised fellow and use all the techniques in one space. The results are truly wonderful. 

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