Lets Chalk About It

Chalkboard paint is one the this generations greatest inventions. Forget iphones, forget electric cars, it is ALL about chalkboard paint. The sheer pleasure of knowing anything you apply to your walls is not permant is a bizarrely invigorating feeling. It is the paint for interior commitment-phobes (guilty). Also, I can only imagine if you are a mother of young children then I know that you will be nodding your head along with me here. Kids can be let loose on this stuff and its not a worry. Just get a wet sponge and the beautiful work of a 3 year old can be brutally removed to make way for more of the same scribbles fit for the Tate Modern. 

But it isn't just for the commitment phobes and the mothers with young creatives, it can also be wonderfully practical. Paint your kitchen walls and you instantly have a space to jot down your recipes, shopping list, week plans. GENIUS!
This one is my personal fave, paint your statement wall (an interior technique I hugely despise, all walls of your home should be made to be features, but with chalkboard paint, less REALLY is more) and let your creativy just flow. Simple little repeat patterns, darling doodles or just a full blown mural. Anything goes, and if it looks god awful, guess what? You can wipe it all off and start again. 
I love the matt black colour of chalkboard paint, but I recently discovered that this miracle liquid comes in a variety of colours. I love this race car green for the fridge, perfect for scribbling down all the necessitates your fridge needs. 
But why stop at walls? Cover you crockery! Dip the bottoms of cheap and cheerful wine glasses and write your friends names on the base so you never need your full glass of merlot be pinched off you again. Paint a dainty strip on a large plate and transform it into a gorgeous cheese plate with the cheese titles proudly written next to the cheese. 
I hope I have left you inspired and itching to get painting this weekend. Enjoy the endless pleasure that non committal design has to offer. 

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Power to the Rugs

Never ever underestimate the power of a good rug! A statement rug will transform a space instantly, fact. I think people tend to play it safe with their rugs as they are such a prominent part of the room, but don't be scared.

The bolder the better, granted this rule must be used liberally, but I do strongly believe that this rule should be applied with rugs. To ease you into this idea, for those of you less than convinced, let me introduce you to the monochrome rug.

We have the most gorgeous collection of monochrome rugs in the shop at the moment and I am going totally do-lally over them all. Join me in the monochrome rug appreciation society.. 


Our sailor runner is the perfect space filler for your kitchen or hallway or that awkward gap between sofa and coffee table. http://www.hollys-house.com/collections/rugs/products/sailor-rug-black-white

Brand new in the shop is the stunning black and white grid kelim rug. The geometric markings of the black stripes against the off white background is simply awesome. Will add an instant splendor to any cold and care floor! http://www.hollys-house.com/collections/rugs/products/kelim-black-white-rug

Hopefully I have persuaded you enough to join our appreciation society and you are currently looking at the bleak space on the floor next to you thinking how badly it needs a wonderful addition of monochrome textiles. If that is the case, then my work here is done. 

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Bring Boho into your home


The term 'Boho' is floating around everywhere these days and I am all for it. All the spring summer trends are setting in and we are embracing them merrily. The fabulous trend of boho is a gorgeous way of getting comfortable in this hopeful heat.

The light fabrics and bold colours are a match made in heaving for the summer months. Whether is be in your wardrobe or in your home, Boho is a great way to go. To achieve the glorious laid back and personal style of Boho here are some simple tips to get that look you desire.

 Boho does not always have to be a thousand bright colours thrown together in one space, I love this style of rustic furniture and old vintage mirrors together. The colours all work well together and it has a real sense of natural materials. Gorgeous.

The use of filling the space with pieces you've collected over your travels in an instant way to give your home familiarity and comfort. Displaying memories of your adventures around you is sure you keep you smiling and will always look amazing in your home. 

The cliché of light flowing textiles is one to explore for sure. It can soften up a harsh space and fill cold space with warmth. Play around with heavily printed textiles too, but try not to clash. 

 Lanters and candle light by the masses is a sure way to create the most wonderful boho vibe in your home. The warm yellow glow will make you feel like your chilling in the Mediterranean in your own home. What could be better?

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