Let the light in

We are so so excited about the new products arriving in Holly's House. Each day a box of beautiful stock is coming through our door, our cheeks are beginning to ache from the excitement but the pain is so worth it as the shop is looking so stunning filled with all the new goodies. As we are crushing on so many of our new ins at the moment I thought I would dedicate this blog to our lights range. Go grab yourself a cuppa and get ready to say 'ooh' and 'aah' because we got some real corkers for you all. 
The Copper and Marble table light is an all time favourite here. We also have this light in Brass making is so easy for this style to blend into your homes colour scheme if you're unsure of the copper.
The new metropolis light fittings are a quick and effective way of achieving the pendant globe light affect. We have the copper or brass fittings both with black twisted cable. Just set it off with one of our metropolis globe light bulbs to create the full look. 
The large industrial copper pendant light is ideal for setting off an industrial feel. The large open shade lets out the most gorgeous warm light and the dark copper tone will make it stand out in your home. 
The Brass aston pendant lights are our best seller at Holly's House. These are soon to be back in stock and as ever they won't be sticking around for too long. They are truly stunning one their own or as a multiple. 
The copper cage pendant is a personal favourite. Paired with one of our metropolis light bulbs it creates the feel of a majestic pendant light with out being too over baring in your space. The perfect happy medium! 
For more Holly's House lights pop on over to http://www.hollys-house.com/collections/lighting

Pleasant Planters

The utterly gorgeous trend this spring/summer is without a doubt 'The Planter'. They are the perfect way to bring all the lustres of green inside to your home. Living plants habiting in your home has many positives, they instantly add vitality to your space, they have a humble refreshing presence, they make a room feel lived in. Thus creating instant pride of your home and subconsciously noting "Well, if a plant can survive in there, then I sure can too! " 
These gorgeous little nubbins of life are not actually the crowning jewellery though. The glory is really given to how you display your domestic shrubs. Hanging pots, concrete vases, old bath tubs, recycled tin cans, upside down colanders... you get the idea. The many chimerical ways in where to rest your plants are never ending, which makes the whole process even more enchanting. Here I have listed my favoured ways to display your dear green friends. 
Teeny Tiny Neon  Pots. Enough said really. 
The ultimate way to go if youre revamping you space. I love the hanging planter. LOVE it! Mix and match them all up and experiment with a variety of bowls and colours. 
These wicker balls are natural, neutral and blooming gorgeous. 
Recycling old objects, such as tin cans, is super easy, super cheap and super gorgeous.
I adore these hanging terrarium succulents. They're so minimal and truly stunning. Such a clever way to display your home growns. To shop our own planters visit www.hollys-house.com

Don't Spare the Graphic Details

I am increasingly getting excited about the fact that the days our getting longer and that it is still light at 5 O'clock. This means only one thing, Spring is coming!!! The most spectacular time of year. Spring flowers in bloom, the smell of freshly cut grass, young lambs and chics being born all over the place and all the other spring cliches that you can think of. To me, spring equals bright glorious colours. It is the rebirth of your home for some of you and that painful term 'Spring Clean' will starting popping up in conversations. 

Now, this to me in an incredibly exciting prospect. I love changing my home around as I feel it stops my space becoming too stagnant and its bizarrely invigorating. I won't go too mad though, but small little details can be all you need to freshen up your home to help it get summer ready. YES! And this year my small details will be graphics. They are the perfect way to revitalize monotonous space. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you along your way. 

 This simple white space is so wonderfully adaptable. You can keep things nice and simple with a monochrome theme making additions of colour when you feel the weather is better reflecting your mood. 

 I adore this idea of throwing large graphics in suble colour tones into a very mute space. It is so minimal and incredibly effective. And the cushions bring it all together in a very modest way. Gorge. 


This is the prime example of spring additions to your homes already wonderful backdrop.