Festival For All

Festival season is upon us!!! London is about to become stripped of the wild and wonderful each weekend as the city dwellers take to large fields surrounded by friends and live music. B.l.i.s.s!

Now, if you're like me you won't be pitching a tent every weekend for the next 3 months, one weekend is as much as I can handle, then do not let that wonderful festival vibe pass you by. Have a little mini fest at your home or in a near by park to soak up that summer festival essence. Here are our favorite festival set ups from straight up glamping to alfresco dining. 

 Now this may not be the most achievable to create in your London garden or park, but its pretty good place to start to get you into the festival spirit. I love all the natural colours and soft furnishings, making it the perfect outdoor indoor dwelling.  

This is my idea of heaven! Set up a few washing lines, drape your bed sheets across them, add a string fairy lights and you're away! I totally love this camping in luxury set up, its almost pretty enough to drown out the humming murmur of London.  

 Hook it up to the back of your car (or Uber) and see where you end up! It is the best little compact adventure mobile, ready and rearing for any occasion. 

 Now this is a little more realistic for us London folk, outdoor dining on a balmy summers evening in the city is quite possibly the most gorgeous thing in the world. Ever. 

 Book yourself a little retreat maybe and festival Kate moss style for the weekend. The country air in your lungs and king size bed to go nicely alongside, sure ok then!

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Cactus Miraculous

The trend of the cactus is one we are jumping on board with here at Holly's House. There is something so wonderful about the power of the lusciously green vicious plant. Cacti are found in places of extreme heat or habitats that suffer from droughts and clearly this association is something we all lust for. Well, I know I do! 
Cacti come in all shapes and sizes making the perfect house plant. I know so many people hate having 'house plants' and I get it. Just the thought of the Chlorophytum comosum (a spider plant known to us non green fingery folk) makes me shiver! 
But the cactus is majestic. Impractical, sure. But beautiful none the less. They are ornaments as apposed to plants, especially as they take virtually no maintenance.
But it isn't just the actual plant itself that we're going loco for. It is the style, shape and representation of the cactus that we love. We have brought the cactus print into our new collection and these are the most amazing cushions, tea towels, place mats and napkins.
Imagine sipping margaritas while noshing down on nachos and guac with your cactus textiles warming the room encouraging a chorus of la cucaracha. Thanks cacti! 

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Get the Look - Culture Corner

                                                                                                                                                                         (image via Pinterest)
In the spirit of the summer styles shooting up all over the place, we have created a Holly's House own shopping edit on a budget. Recreate this gorgeous and simple culture corner with our styled and selected Holly's House pieces. 
4. Jade green marble pot, £24.50, http://www.hollys-house.com/products/green-marble-pot
7. Marble Ornament, small £15.00, large £22.00, http://www.hollys-house.com/products/marble-ornament-small 

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