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Gift Cards

Gift cards are the perfect replacement for a real gift on so many occasions. Although some might find a gift card a bit impersonal, most people will thank you for getting you a gift card instead of some random object they don’t even like or appreciate (or even worse, something they might already have).

A furniture, home accessories or designer home gift card is a foolproof present for the very picky person you’re buying for. They might have a very particular taste or style, but a gift card will make sure they can determine for themselves what their present will actually be.

A gift card is also a sublime option if you find yourself in a position where you have to buy gifts for people quite regularly, for instance when you’re looking for christmas or retirement gifts for your personnel. Nobody will resent you for getting their coworker the present they actually wanted – if everybody gets a gift card, everybody can choose something they really care for.

Last but not least, a gift card is an excellent choice when you’re looking for a present for somebody you don’t know that well. It might be your mother’s new husband (he should really take a look at our gifts for him) or your new neighbour (if they just moved in, a home accessories gift card is the way to go); a gift card will save you by allowing you to present anyone with the perfect gift of their choosing.

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